02 August 2015

Indiegogo: Video Update

Check out my new Indiegogo Video Update! Click here to watch! It has a sample of 7 songs off the new album. Listen and enjoy! I hope you like the new tunes… They are still rough but will give you an idea of how much my second solo album is going to ROCK! This video also includes a look at some thoughts regarding today’s society and the feeling of mediocrity. This is how I use music and lyrics to overcome that feeling and work towards enlightenment, spirit, actualization and optimization. Please consider contributing to the indiegogo fundraiser. The minimum is 5$. Kick...Read more »
05 July 2015

Indiegogo: Starting my 2nd album!

I am recording my second album, How’s the Whether?, and I want your help. Recording an album is not only a financial burden, but it is also an emotional and spiritual burden. It would be nice if I had some friends and family cheering me on and joining in the experience. Contribute and be a part of my next album! Click on the image or click on this link to go to my Indiegogo Page and check out my video and perks you can get for contributing and being a part of this creative experience. I am asking to reach for...Read more »
17 March 2015

Calling All Screenwriters!

Jeremy Dean Harrison, singer/songwriter, is looking to produce short film based music videos for his recently released music and we are looking for screenwriters to help us! We want a story to unfold that speaks to the ideas in the song and that is impactful to today’s social thought. We are looking for the story and its visuals to be smart, philosophical, intellectual, thought provoking, inspiring and fun. Our styles vary from traditional narrative looks to experimental looks. (Experimental cinematography example: “Hey Man, Nice Shot” by Filter.) The top songs we are currently considering to do videos for are “You...Read more »
22 October 2014

Cigarette Littering is the Worst Kind of Littering

This is disgusting…. To all of the people who throw their cigarettes on the ground. This is your problem.  Recently, I have really begun to dislike people throwing their cigarette butts on the ground. It is something I see on a daily basis and it is really starting to frustrate me. Who in their right mind would ever throw a cigarette butt out of the window of a moving car? Any person that would throw a lit cigarette butt out of their car window would have to lack more than common courtesy or common regard. In my eyes, there is...Read more »
02 October 2014

What Have We Become?

There is so much going on in the world today… so many people want your money, your attention, your time, your focus… so many people want a piece of your soul. In a sense, we have all become salesmen, peddling our bulk wholesales goods and merchandise to our potential customers at higher than normal prices, begging and calling for action so that we, the experts of merchandise, can occupy your time and turn a prophet into a profit.  Every sales pitch comes with a flattering and enchanting invitation to become a better version of you. We are all marketing experts...Read more »
Open Up Your Eyes // SACRED SHAP3S
  1. Open Up Your Eyes // SACRED SHAP3S
  2. Founding Fathers // SACRED SHAP3S
  3. Knock Knock Knock // SACRED SHAP3S
  4. Traveling Man // SACRED SHAP3S
  5. The Guards // SACRED SHAP3S
  6. Mazes and Riddles // SACRED SHAP3S
  7. Brainwash // SACRED SHAP3S
  8. Pretty Colors // SACRED SHAP3S
  9. Genius Is // SACRED SHAP3S
  10. Learned Behavior // SACRED SHAP3S
  11. Confusion // SACRED SHAP3S
  12. We Are // SACRED SHAP3S
  13. Thirty Twoº // SACRED SHAP3S