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02 August 2015

Indiegogo: Video Update

Check out my new Indiegogo Video Update! Click here to watch! It has a sample of 7 songs off the new album. Listen and enjoy! I hope you like the new tunes… They are still rough but will give you an idea of how much my second solo album is going to ROCK! This video also includes a look at some thoughts regarding today’s society and the feeling of mediocrity. This is how I use music and lyrics to overcome that feeling and work towards enlightenment, spirit, actualization and optimization.

Please consider contributing to the indiegogo fundraiser. The minimum is 5$. Kick down and help a brother out.

Peace Love Light Magic!

Balance Between JHD

Open Up Your Eyes // SACRED SHAP3S
  1. Open Up Your Eyes // SACRED SHAP3S
  2. Founding Fathers // SACRED SHAP3S
  3. Knock Knock Knock // SACRED SHAP3S
  4. Traveling Man // SACRED SHAP3S
  5. The Guards // SACRED SHAP3S
  6. Mazes and Riddles // SACRED SHAP3S
  7. Brainwash // SACRED SHAP3S
  8. Pretty Colors // SACRED SHAP3S
  9. Genius Is // SACRED SHAP3S
  10. Learned Behavior // SACRED SHAP3S
  11. Confusion // SACRED SHAP3S
  12. We Are // SACRED SHAP3S
  13. Thirty Twoº // SACRED SHAP3S